Visa Categories Through Which You Can Come To the US

One of the a lot of frequently acclimated non immigrant Visas is the company Visa (B Visa). Through this Visa category,you can appear to the United States for business (B-1) or amusement (B-2). Company Visa holders are not accustomed to abstraction or plan aural the US.

Student Visas

There are two types of apprentice Visas, F-1 and M1. The F-1 Visa is aloof for acceptance accessory a full-time amount or bookish affairs at a school, college, or university accustomed by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in acquiescence with the Apprentice and Exchange Company Information System, aswell accepted as SEVIS. The M-1 Visa is aloof for acceptance who are enrolled in non-academic or "vocational study". Mechanical study, abstruse study, affable classes, a accent program, flight academy or cosmetology affairs abatement beneath "vocational study."

Work Visas

You can become acceptable for a E-1 Accord Trader Visa, if your country of citizenship has a accord of friendship, commerce, or aeronautics with the US and if you are advancing to the US to appoint in abundant barter amid the US and your country.

If your country has a mutual investment accord or acceding with the US and if you are advancing to the US to absolute and advance the operations of an action in which you accept invested or are in the action of investing, you may authorize for a E-2 Accord Investor Visa.

If you authorize for specialty occupations and are advancing to the US to plan in such occupations, you may get a H-1B Visa. Foreign companies who already accept or ambition to authorize US offices may accept to alteration executive, managerial, or specialized bodies to the U.S. Through the L-1 Visa, advisers can be acquaint briefly at the US parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or annex office.

If you can authenticate amazing adeptness in science, arts, education, business, or athletics, and are advancing briefly to the US to plan in your breadth of amazing ability, you may able-bodied authorize beneath the O-1 Visa classification.

The TN Visa allocation is aloof for citizens of Canada and Mexico who authorize for a work-authorized Visa beneath NAFTA. NAFTA is an all-embracing barter acceding amid the US, Canada, and Mexico.

If you accept either a amount or able affidavit from a post-secondary bookish academy across and at atomic one year of accompanying plan acquaintance alfresco the US, you may authorize as a J-1 trainee. Even if you do not accept a degree, you may still authorize if you accept 5 years of accompanying plan acquaintance acquired alfresco the US.

Family Visas

The K-1 Visa class provides an another to the marriage-based Visa action for individuals who are affianced to be married. The V-1/V-2 Visa allocation authorizes spouses and accouchement of Allowable Abiding Residents ( blooming agenda holders ) to access the US afterwards cat-and-mouse for an immigrant Visa amount to become available. Once you become a allowable abiding aborigine (green agenda holder), you will authorize for American citizenship and you become acceptable to book the Citizenship anatomy 5 years or three years afterwards acceptable a blooming agenda holder, depending on whether you are affiliated to a US aborigine or not.